Welcome back to another year of the Lidums Young Masters!

In 2016 the Young Masters group will be run as a Round Robin IM Tournament (invitation only), the Junior Masters (Open) and Junior  Masters (U1600).


The Young Masters (Invitational) will run from Saturday 3rd December – Friday 9th December

FIDE, 90min + 30 sec per move


The Junior Masters Open will run from Monday 5th December – Friday 9th December

FIDE, 90 min + 30 sec per move


The Junior Masters U1600 will run from Monday 5th December – Friday 9th December

ACF, 60 min + 10 sec per move


The Young and Junior Masters is for all players under the age of 25.


Are you interested in playing? Why not register your interest HERE.

Want to know when all the rounds start and finish? The full schedule is available HERE

As well as a fantastic event we are also running a Chess Masterclass  by French GM Adrien Demuth and a chess simul featuring Australian Champion IM Bobby Cheng and 17 year old Malaysian FM Yeoh Li Tian. Read more information or sign up HERE

We are proud to host the Exclusive Australian Premier of MAGNUS. The movie about current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. Screening will be on Saturday 3rd December at 3pm at the University of Adelaide. Find more information HERE


The Opening Ceremony for the Tournament will be held on Monday 5th December at 9:00am in the Ira Raymond room.


The tournament will take place at the Adelaide University. For more details check out the Venue page

We have listed some of the big accommodation websites for you if you are looking for a place to stay.


Fedja Zulfic, Sabrina and David Koetsier
2016 Organising Committee

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